Wildlife Health Technology

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2 Responses

  1. Murray Lankester says:

    How can a researcher add information to the db?
    How can one view it for interest, to check accuracy, or to use the data?

    I wouldn’t disagree that “Being Canadian, we like to share our knowledge…” but the policy of “strict control through a comprehensive request and review process” doesn’t really reflect that good will.

    • CCWHC says:

      Thanks for your feedback Murray. The statement about sharing knowledge was specifically referring to our knowledge of data management rather than the data itself, though I can see how this could be interpreted ambiguously. CCWHC does share a great deal of data with interested third parties (such as independent researchers) as well as our sponsors and partner agencies. Due to privacy law in Canada as well as certain sensitivities concerning certain diseases, we release data in a controlled manner in order to provide the most accurate, comprehensive data sets to those who request them.

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