What Does the Bat Say?

A group of environmentally-aware students from the Inspire Academy in Muncie, Indiana, have put together a very imaginative and entertaining parody video (based on the viral sensation “What does the fox say”). the video is aimed at raising awareness about the challenges facing the Indiana Bat; yet another bat species facing serious population problems as a result of the devastating Bat White Nose Syndrome spreading though Canada and the United States.

The students researched various topics related to the Indiana Bat such as, Threats/Dangers, Physical Adaptations, Winter Behavior, Food, and others.  They first used their knowledge gained through their research to write a song parody to the tune of a popular dance song in order to educate people about the Indiana Bat and conservation efforts surrounding it.  They then auditioned, rehearsed, and finally recorded their song at Indiana Public Radio studios.  The production team at IPR professionally mixed the song after getting feedback from students on various initial mixes.  The students then gave their all in filming the music video that goes along with the song.  They came up with ideas and executed a professional videoing process.  The footage was then edited from 11+ hours into a museum quality 3+ minute music video final product.

Inspire Academy – A School of Inquiry (IASI) exists to empower a diverse body of students with an internationally competitive education by fostering students’ natural inclination toward curiosity, discovery, and adventure. We are committed to Expeditionary Learning – an inquiry-based, interdisciplinary approach with an emphasis on arts integration, collaborative learning and character development.  Our curriculum is organized around in-depth studies called Learning Expeditions and is shaped by The Ten Design Principles of Expeditionary Learning. Learning Expeditions are real-world investigations that give students the opportunity to ask questions, discover answers and create real-time solutions for real people.  Each subject – from math and science to reading and social studies – is incorporated into an expedition, which gives students an immediate purpose for learning.

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