Trichomoniasis in Finches – the American Goldfinch

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  1. Glenda Diane Stacy says:

    I live in Columbia, TN and believe 2 house finches from my yard feeders have died from trichomoniasis. I am removing all feeders and bird bath for one month. I hope this will be enough. I have read three weeks.

    • CWHC says:

      We have been recommending 2 weeks, though taking them down for longer during the summer months shouldn’t be detrimental to the birds. The idea behind taking down the feeders for two weeks is that it causes the birds to disperse to find new sources of food and water. In so doing you are keeping from infected birds and healthy birds all congregating around an available and accessible food source where the disease can then be easily spread through direct contact or through food and/or water. Another way to reduce the likelihood of disease transmission is to only use feeders that keep seed dry (the parasite cannot persist for prolonged periods on dry food), change water frequently in baths to keep it clean, and regularly disinfect all feeders and baths.

  1. 2013-03-19

    […] However, this benefit can also be a threat to the birds feeding, due to possible contamination by bacteria such as various Salmonella species and protozoan parasites such as Trichomonas species.  In Ontario alone, the CCWHC has received numerous songbirds that have died due to Salmonella infections.  The bird species can vary, depending on the year and location, but this year has been quite unsuitable for Common Redpolls.  Infected birds can infect a feeder simply by using it.  The bacteria can be on their feet and in their droppings, and will ultimately be ingested by other birds, infecting them and continuing the cycle.  Worse still, the bacteria has tendency to move from one feeder to another by this form of transmission.  In other areas of Canada, such as the Atlantic region, Trichomonas species also spread from feeders and affect numerous song birds, such as finches. […]

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