Sylvain Larrat has completed his residency training program at the CCWHC – Quebec

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  1. Andree Dubreuil says:

    I am no one, I guess that is what happens when you retire… But I have had the unique, and an occasion to witness, speak to, and have a diagnosis of a particular animal which was in the very good care of DR. Sylvain Larrat,, at the Hôpital Vétérinaire de St-Hyacinthe… not so long ago..

    I feel I was EXCEPTIONNALLY fortunate,, because he truly is … and should be kept as one of ours.. I regret he is leaving Québec.. but somehow,, I am convinced he will return,, because without him actually saying so … I could sense he belonged.. here with us,, in Québec..

    His devotion…heartfelt..
    Many thanks to you, for having posted such a message, making it possible for me to express my gratitude..

    Andree birds carbonari Dubreuil on facebook

  2. Andree Dubreuil says:

    and I remain, a grateful friend,,,, for he is a devoted and a heartfelt compassionate vet..

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