Salmonellosis in songbirds in winter

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  1. christina milani says:

    I found the article very thorough and simple to comprehend for the general public. As an employee of a local health unit, involved in the investigation of human illness related to Salmonellosis infections, we are often kept abreast through various medical, web based subscriptions of illnesses in wildlife. Over the years I have seen various reports related to sudden bird die off with Salmonella causes being highlighted quite frequently. The detail of the article related to different phage types affecting various species was very interesting, along with the guidence for the public to regularly clean and disinfect their bird fieeders. Thank you.

  1. 2015-12-16

    […] wintering grounds of these birds. Their song is particularly musical, a trait common among finches. Salmonellosis is a frequent cause of death in this species and other common feeder birds. Proper and regular […]

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