Room for wildlife and their worms?

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2 Responses

  1. Karen farmer says:

    Great article! I’m wondering if you’ve had a chance to add your perspective on development in the City’s Wetland policy that they are just developing? Call Chris Schultz 306 975 7945. Or add comments at and type in wetland policy in the search spot. They should hear what you say about leaving space for the original wild dwellers as we sprawl.

  2. Joyce Branaman says:

    Great article!! Many years ago we had raccoons that would show up at our backdoor to eat the dog food and was their hands and faces in the water bowls. The kids, neighbors, visitors, etc. always they were so cute and I was left with the task of dumping out dog food and sterilizing the dishes! It didn’t take me long to get smart and move the animal food/drink in side. There’s more to this story that if it were not for the hazards would make a cute kids book!

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