Ringed Seal Workshop in Iqaluit an important first step

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  1. Jae Redfern says:

    The first fact to establish us that “subsistence” hunting does not apply in Nunavut. The Land Claims specifically avoids the term to ensure that seal harvests are considered an integral part of the economy.

    Subsistence is a politically loaded term that does not apply in any discussion of Nunavut harvesting.

    Why are you using it?

  2. Pierre-Yves Daoust says:

    Thank you for this important clarification. I would like to know more why the term ‘subsistence’ is considered by some to be politically loaded. I tend to use this term strictly in the sense defined in the dictionary, “a livelihood”, realizing, however, that seal harvest goes beyond this in the North as it is indeed an important part of the economy. I use it because I do not know any better (yet).

  3. Hi There,

    I just came across this post by accident while reading your post on EHD in whitetail deer. I was one of the organizers of the workshop, so it’s really great to see that it was discussed afterwards! Pierre-Yves Daoust definitely brought a great perspective to the workshop.
    Just wanted to mention that it was great to find this post.


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