Québec’s annual workshop on wildlife health – Québec City 2013

Quebec logoQuébec’s annual workshop on wildlife health was held in Quebec City last month. This two day workshop, known as the Journées réseau faune-zoo, is organised by the provincial Health, Agriculture and Wildlife departments and the Québec regional CCWHC office.  This year, over 50 veterinarians, biologists and technicians with an interest in wildlife health participated in the event.  Several presentations about issues currently affecting wildlife health in the Province of Quebec were given. These included topics such as Winter ticks in moose, problems of supplemental feeding in deer, fish health issues, mortality of beluga whale calves, West Nile Virus infections in birds and people, rabies in Arctic foxes, Lyme disease, and tularemia and parasites in caribou. For more information on this workshop please contact the regional CCWHC director, Stéphane Lair (stephane.lair@umontreal.ca).

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2 Responses

  1. Diane Seguin says:

    How do we get on your email list to get the information for your next workshop/conferences? I’d love to know the details and perhaps attend. Thank you!
    Diane Seguin CAHT
    IWRC, NWRA member

  2. Ted Leighton says:

    The best way to stay informed about such events is to subscribe to the Wildlife Diseases in Canada listserv. You can do this by sending a request to and we will put you on this list. All our workshops and conferences will be announced to this list.

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