Potential Cases of Trichomonosis in Québec

Bird feeder Trichomonas outbreak seems to have reached the province of Québec.

Reports of sick purple finches in southern Québec have been received by the Québec Regional Center. The clinical presentation of these sick birds (see picture) is highly suggestive of infection by the parasite Trichomonas. These are therefore classified as suspect cases of trichomonosis.

If you see sick birds in your feeders please contact the CWHC – Québec (quebec@cwhc-rcsf.ca).
We are currently trying to get specimens to the lab in order to confirm the infection. For more information on trichomonosis and on measures of prevention see our trichomonosis fact sheet.
Article contributed by Dr. Stéphane Lair, Regional Director CWHC Québec Regional Office

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