Parasitic disease causing death of American Robins

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  1. Ruedi Mueller says:

    Great description of the parasite. Most likely this was a young bird with a first time infestation. Unless this parasite is new to songbirds and there are are circumstances that increase the exposure to infectious stages I have a hard time believing in parasitism as cause of demise. Perhaps they are a symptom of change in the population of robins rather than the cause of terminal disease.

  2. American Robin population in Berkeley Springs, WV is dramatically declined this year says:

    I have seen a very dramatic decline in robins in my Berkeley Springs, WV area this year. I’ve seen only 1 robin in my yard (one that has been coming back for a few years) and she looks awful. She and her mate (who I have not seen) usually build a nest in my trees, but there are no robin nests around, no robin mating songs. There is such a void here. It is dreadful!!!! I really miss them. I’m afraid I will not see my little robin for very much longer. Is there anything to do?

    • Monica says:

      If you think there is a population decline of robins in your area I recommend you contact your local Fish and Wildlife office, rehabilitation center and/or bird watching societies and let them know your concerns. They may have resources to investigate or at least will make a report to see if multiple people are noticing the decline.

  3. John Wolf says:

    June 2017. I am visiting this site and others this morning because the robin population in my valley in La Fayette NY has definitely collapsed. I hoped for an answer.
    Previously around 4:30 each June morning my valley was filled with the robin chorus so loud and so complex I could not distinguish individual singers. This year I hear a robin or two in the distance. Eventually a robin nearby sings. Where are the rest?

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