Ontario Hunting Season and Wildlife Health Surveillance

We want to hear from YOU!

Wildlife health affects us all. In Canada, wildlife contribute to income and social status, culture and working conditions. Wildlife can be sources of infectious and non-infectious diseases, and they can be indicators of environmental changes.

The Canadian Wildlife Health Cooperative (CWHC) relies on the broad wildlife community to help us monitor the health of Ontario’s wildlife. Hunters, trappers, and anglers are key players in the wildlife community. Reports about sick and dead wild animals from people who are out in the field observing wildlife can provide one of the earliest indications that the health status of wildlife populations might be changing. With the fall hunting season upon us, the CWHC would like to remind hunters that we want to hear about anything out of the ordinary regarding wildlife, whether it be an animal exhibiting odd behaviour or abnormalities in meat, such as lumps or bumps.


CWHC Can Help

If you encounter anything that seems unusual, you can always contact us to discuss it. Should you find any abnormalities in meat (lumps, bumps, etc.), we may be able to identify the issue and can work with you to get samples submitted for testing. You can contact your local Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (OMNRF) office, or contact us directly (see contact information below).

Even if the animal has been dead for a very long time and there is no way to submit a sample, we still want to hear from you about anything odd or unusual in wildlife. To report a dead or dying animals, please visit our wildlife health tracker website at: http://wildlifehealthtracker.com


Follow Rules and Regulations and Be Safe

Contact Information

To find your local OMNRF office, please visit:


To reach the Ontario CWHC office, contact us by:
Phone: 866-673-4781
Email: on-nu@cwhc-rcsf.ca


Article contributed by  David Cristo, Communications Coordinator CWHC-Ontario/Nunavut, and Dr. Jane Parmley, Epidemiologist CWHC-Ontario/Nunavut and CWHC-National

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