Newest Edition of BIOLINK Now Available

The April 2012 version of BIOLINK (official newsletter of the Atlantic Society of Fish and Wildlife Biologists) contains articles on relevant issues related to wildlife management in the Atlantic region. The newsletter includes a summary of the recent emergency assessment of three species of bats (the Tri-colored Bat, the Little Brown Bat and the Northern Bat) by COSEWIC (Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada) to be considered as endangered. This assessment was done in wake of the emerging fungal disease of bats termed “White-nose syndrome” that is thought to have been introduced from Europe and has been causing extensive mortality of bats in North America since 2006. Diagnosis and research of the disease was determined by members of the Canadian Cooperative Wildlife Health Centre (CCWHC) in Ontario, Quebec, Saskatchewan and the Atlantic region. Other news include a dual parasitic infection in a Nova Scotia snapping turtle, a new bird song app that can help identify species by Tweets, New Brunswick’s latest wetland strategy and so much more! Also a reminder that the CCWHC Atlantic region will be hosting the annual general meeting of the Atlantic Society of Fish and Wildlife Biologists in Stanhope, Prince Edward Island this upcoming October.

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