New resident in wildlife health management at the Quebec Regional Center.

CWHC-Quebec is pleased to announce that Benjamin Jakobek is their new resident in wildlife health management. Originally from Toronto, Ontario, Ben completed his BSc. at the University of British Columbia in 2015. Following that, he completed his veterinary degree at Cornell University, during which time he engaged in research projects related to wildlife conservation in New York State and was a joint ambassador for Cornell University and the World Wildlife Fund in a One Health approach to rhino conservation project in Indonesia. Also, during vet school, Ben completed clinical externships with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game’s Capture Services, White Oak Conservation, and the B.C. Wildlife Health Program. After receiving his DVM, Ben spent the following year as a veterinary intern in small animal internal medicine and surgery at the Atlantic Veterinary College. Ben is thrilled to be starting his residency and looks forward to working with various species and stakeholders in the interest of wildlife conservation.

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