New member of the CWHC National Office

Erin_cwhcThe CWHC National Office has a new member to add to its team; Erin Moffatt started work as the Centre’s Data and Communications Technologist, a new position as of July 2nd. Erin holds a BSc in Biology and a MSc in Veterinary Pathology and has spent the past several years working on the Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) project at the Western/Northern regional centre of the CWHC. The analytical and writing skills learned during her MSc and subsequent experience with CWD will be a valuable addition to the team and in developing her new position. Erin’s focus will be ensuring the delivery of accurate and relevant information on wildlife health to our partner agencies and the general public. This involves strengthening our capacity to communicate information collected through the wildlife health surveillance and research programs of the CWHC as well as working with new communication tools including CWHC social media development.

We believe that Erin’s background in wildlife health and her passion for science communication will make her a valuable asset to our organization.

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