Lucy: Charlottetown’s Garden Centre Duck

Photo credit: CBC News

Photo credit: CBC News

Meet Lucy, a Black Duck that has nested in the garden market of a department store in Charlottetown, PEI for the past five years! Lucy has become somewhat of a celebrity in the area, and employees and customers alike were excited to see her return this year for her sixth season.

Lucy settled in to her nest in an area of the garden centre earlier in the season, laid nine eggs, and brooded patiently while business continued as usual. On June 29th, after hatching five ducklings, it was time for her and her family to move to a nearby pond; a difficult task given the extremely busy road that separates the garden centre from the pond! As in previous years, the people of Charlottetown did their best to ensure that Lucy and her ducklings made it safely across the road and onto the pond. With a police escort to offer a bit of help controlling traffic, the duck and ducklings made it safely across to their summer home!

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