Hands on Learning for Future Conservation Officers

Congratulations to the Saskatchewan Polytechnic Resource and Environmental Law graduating class of 2015 on their recent program completion!

CWHC staff had the opportunity to work with this group of students in February of this year. Sixteen students and two instructors from the Resource and Environmental Law program in Prince Albert attended a one day session at the CWHC Western/Northern regional centre.

Program instructors Darryl Bowen and Courtney Killaby wrote to us about the experience:

The students each conducted a necropsy on a hawk, owl or eagle to look at the condition of the bird and to determine the possible cause of death. This was done under the guidance and supervision of the outstanding staff of the facility. The students also learned skills in identifying fish/wildlife diseases, safe handling of found fish/wildlife and collection methods for obtaining samples for submission to the lab. These skills will be used in the student’s future careers and will aid them in providing the best possible samples for analysis.

This type of learning excites the students and provides a valuable link to the CWHC. We would like to thank Marnie Zimmer, Steven Scott and the staff for providing a fantastic learning environment for our students. A great partnership!

Hands on learning

Submitted by Darryl Bowen & Courtney Killaby, Program Instructors

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