Four gray foxes submitted to the CWHC – Quebec for examination in March

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2 Responses

  1. Achim Lohse says:

    I observed and photographed a grey fox feeding at dusk in Fleurimont, Quebec on July 5th. It looked very much like the specimen displayed on your page, except that its back was uniformly brindled grey, its face had no black markings, and its long bushy tail was black from base to tip, at least the visible top part.

    I’ve been looking for a way to report this for inclusion as a sighting, but without luck so far. The only site found so far is for Ontario sightings only…

    • CWHC says:

      Hi Achim.

      You can contact the Quebec regional office the CWHC and report the sighting to them. We are currently working on extending the wildlife health reporting tool (which I think you may be referring to) to all provinces and hope to have that functioning early next year.

      Please visit the website for contact details:

      – CWHC National Office

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