CWHC Grad Student Jamie Rothenburger wins Wildlife Disease Association scholarship

head shoulders profile 2016Congratulations to CWHC grad student Jamie Rothenburger who was recently awarded a Wildlife Disease Association Scholarship. This award acknowledges outstanding academic and research accomplishment, productivity, and future potential in pursuit of new knowledge in wildlife health or disease.
In cities worldwide, rats live closely with people and they carry zoonotic pathogens (infectious agents that can be transmitted from rats to people). To better understand the ecology and epidemiology of these zoonotic agents, Dr. Rothenburger is examining host factors including rat-specific diseases and small-scale environmental features associated with infection. This research will contribute to a growing effort to understand urban rats and the potential risks they pose to human health. Dr. Rothenburger’s response to the award was “It is a great honour to be selected and I am truly grateful for this financial support, which will be a tremendous help as I continue to pursue my research in wildlife disease ecology at the University of Guelph.” Congratulations Jamie!

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