Colla’beer’ation and Conservation!

Recently the CWHC Atlantic region, based at the Atlantic Veterinary College at UPEI, was awarded $2500 to contribute to their work in helping save the endangered North Atlantic right whale. These funds were made possible through a colla’beer’ation between Big Spruce Brewing and the Ocean Tracking Network.

Big Spruce’s Tag! You’re It

This partnership began in 2017 with 50 cents from every can of Big Spruce’s Tag! You’re It! (TYI) beer being allocated to non-profit organizations in Canada that focus on marine research, education, and conservation including the Marine Animal Response Society (MARS) and others. Dubbed ‘conservation in a can’ this conservation financing partnership has raised more than $84,000 (and counting)! 

For the next two years, the TYI initiative will focus on the critically endangered North Atlantic right whale and the various organizations who work tirelessly to save them from extinction including MARS, the CWHC and others. So far in 2020, more than 58,000 cans of TYI were sold across Canada!

“2005: Right Whales Offshore of Georgia” by Georgia Wildlife Resources

“These recipient organizations play a critical role—their work can make the difference between life and death for these whales,” Fred Whoriskey, executive director of the Ocean Tracking Network. 

The CWHC Atlantic region was thrilled to be a recipient of these funds and the money will go towards ensuring their team has the resources to respond to incidents involving the whales.

“We’re honoured to have been chosen alongside several other deserving groups who all support right whale conservation. This initiative is also a great way to engage the public and raise awareness. “ Megan Jones, Regional Director of the CWHC Atlantic Region.

For more information on this fantastic initiative and how you can support it go to the Big Spruce Brewery website:

To find out more about the Ocean Tracking Network and the important work they do visit their website:

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