Co-existing with Coyotes

Coyote Poster - higher DPI-resizedThe Co-Existing with Coyotes program (CWC) is an education-focused coyote management program operated by the Stanley Park Ecology Society based in Vancouver, BC. The program was established in partnership with the Vancouver Park Board and Ministry of Environment following a series of incidents involving coyote feeding and increased human-coyote conflict in the Metro Vancouver area in 2000/2001.

The mission of the program is to reduce conflicts between people, pets, and coyotes. To achieve this mission, the program focuses its efforts on education through a variety of programs and outreach tools. These include:

  • A dedicated coyote information and reporting phone line – the phone line acts as a central hub for all coyote reports in the lower mainland no matter who receives the call (SPCA, Ministry of Environment, Wildlife Rescue, and the City). Callers receive consistent information about coyotes and coyote safety, through which we are able to track and assess coyote behaviour
  • Website which includes online web reporting and interactive map in addition to a wealth of information
  • Educational signage in parks, golf courses, and cemeteries where coyote activity is highest, as well as posters and rack cards that can be mailed or emailed directly to members of the community experiencing increased conflict
  • Community and Elementary School programming – CWC regularly attends community events and also has a unique Coyotes 101 program for K-7 students that teaches coyote natural history and safety tips for kids and schools. CWC has educated over 140,000 students in its 15 years of operation.
  • Working with the media

The keys to co-existing with coyotes are:

  • Actively scare coyotes for their own safety
  • Remove attractants and potential food sources
  • Report encounters and spread the word

CWC is celebrating its 15th year of operation and looks forward to helping Vancouver co-exist with this very important urban predator.

To learn more about the CWC visit:

Photo by Martin Passchier

Photo by Martin Passchier

Submitted by Dan Straker, Program Coordinator, Co-Existing with Coyotes

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