CCWHC Workshop – Calgary Zoo 2012


 Click Here to download the Agenda for the 2012 Workshop.

Five years ago, the CCWHC critically reviewed its program and looked to the future. We identified continuing education, wildlife health and disease status reports and national networking among wildlife health professionals as un-met needs in Canada, needs we should strive to meet. A Workshop for wildlife health professionals, held at the Calgary Zoo in February 2008, was our first attempt to deliver such a program. The feedback we received was very positive, and we were advised by you to hold such a workshop every two years. Our 2nd  workshop was held at Carleton University in Ottawa in February 2010. The workshop theme was Animal Welfare in Wildlife Management, Harvest and Research (report available at, and the program also included a consultation with participants by the Public Health Agency of Canada on “One world, one health.”

Our program in 2012 has two main themes. The first is to explore the various ways wild animal health can be affected in major disasters of various kinds and, thus, also to explore what roles wildlife health professionals might be expected to play in such disasters. Marc Cattet of the CCWHC Headquarters Office has organized this program. We believe this topic will be broadly useful to wildlife health professionals and will bring together new and useful information.

The second theme is to provide updates on some of the major wildlife disease issues in Canada. We have asked people from across the country to contribute to these updates and we anticipate that all participants will leave the workshop fully informed on these issues, and with an expanded network of colleagues for further consultation in the future.

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