CCWHC Holds “Wild and wacky diseases” science shuffle workshop during the Canada-Wide Science Fair 2012

In May of 2012, hundreds of budding youth scientists in grades 7-12 that were finalists in their regional science fairs, descended upon the city of Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island to showcase their projects for high profile awards and scholarships. As part of the activities of the fair, CCWHC graduate student Heather Fenton and CCWHC associate pathologist Dr. Shannon Martinson held a workshop on career opportunities in pathology (the study of disease) and current research projects in the field within the Atlantic region. Students had a close up look at wonderfully interesting wildlife diseases and adaptations. Crowd favourites were the moose winter tick (Dermacentor albipictus) and the spiny esophagus of the endangered Leatherback sea turtle.

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