Canada well represented at North American Symposium for Bat Research

From October 12 to 15, hundreds of North American bat researchers came together in San Antonio, Texas, to present their latest discoveries in the world of bats at the North American Symposium for Bat Research (NASBR). Canada was well represented at this symposium and multiple Canadian students even won prestigious awards for the presentation of their research.

Canadian group at NASBR 2016

Canadian group at NASBR 2016

From left to right, top to bottom:

Virginie Lemieux-Labonté (Université de Montréal), Charles Francis (Canadian Wildlife Service), Craig Willis (University of Winnipeg), Cori Lausen (Wildlife Conservation Society Canada), Jesika Reimer (Alaska Center for Conservation Science), Laura Kaupas (University of Calgary), Derek Morningstar (Golder Associates Ltd.), Nicole Besler (Saint Mary’s University), Julie Thomas (University of Calgary), Ana Breit (University of Winnipeg), Kaleigh Norquay (University of Winnipeg), Julie Faure-Lacroix (Université Laval), Lynne Burns (Canadian Wildlife Service), Stephanie Findlay (University of Calgary), Cody Fouts (Saint Mary’s University), Quinn Fletcher (University of Winnipeg), Mark Brigham (University of Regina), Brandon Klug-Baerwald (University of Regina), Karen Vanderwolf (New Brunswick Museum), Jordi Segers (Canadian Wildlife Health Cooperative)

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