Bat Week is coming! October 24 – 31, 2017

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Hello bat enthusiasts!

Bat Week 2017 is fast approaching and it’s gearing up to be the best one yet!

From October 24 to 31 we are making an even greater effort to put bats in the figurative spotlight. Check out the Bat Week website, which is loaded with fun resources and exciting ideas for you to deliver your own Bat Week activities. Here are a few notable highlights:

– Take the pledge. Show others what you intend to do (or are already doing) by signing the pledge. This is a great way to motivate people around you to take action to help bats.

– Host a Bat Week party. Make recipes from the Cookbook of Goodies & Treats made with bat dependent ingredients (chocolate cake, tequila cocktails, need we say more?!) and use the Bat Week invite cards to notify your guests of your amazing party.
– Get creative and make origami bats to hand out to your friends and colleagues, or print out the instructions and get your friends in on the fun. Want to go even bigger? Make your own bat costume as the perfect Halloween costume.
– Tell everybody how awesome bats are by delivering a bat presentation. Anybody can do it with these pre-made powerpoint slides with script.
– Be inspired by the amazing kids of the Bat Squad. Watch the videos to see what they are doing to help bats.
– Bat Week also has ready-made social media posts for you and your organization to help promote this awesome initiative.

Remember, a healthy world needs healthy bats!
Let us know what you are doing for Bat Week!

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