Bat Monday – October 24, 2016


Welcome to Bat Monday!

Did you know that the CWHC’s Jordi Segers sends out a fantastic list of bat-related links every Monday?  Recent publications, blogs, news articles, videos and more!  All about bats!  This week, Bat Monday makes its debut on the Healthy Wildlife Blog.

Bat Monday – October 24, 2016

Bat Week starts this week!batweek

Check out the website for information on activities and when to tune in for the Bat Squad episodes.

#BatWeekArt: Bats are fascinating, from the tiny bumblebee bat to the gigantic flying fox. Wouldn’t they be so much fun to draw, paint, sculpt, or even write poetry about? Harness your artistic side to celebrate bats – share your bat-themed artwork with #BatWeekArt for a chance to have your artwork featured here during Bat Week! Click on the Bat Week Art tab (on the Bat Week Facebook page) for full details and to see other entries.


20. Grant: Wildlife Acoustics Scientific Product Grant – Deadline November 15
Check back every Monday for a new edition of Bat Monday!

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