Bat Monday / Lundi des Chauve-souris 26 November 2018

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This is your weekly Bat Monday, brought to you by the national white-nose syndrome coordinator. Bat Monday compiles the latest on bat and white-nose syndrome related news articles, scientific publications, videos, and other resources.
The content below is provided in its original language.

Voici votre lundi des chauve-souris hebdomadaire, une courtoisie du coordinateur national du Syndrome du museau blanc. Le lundi des chauve-souris compile les informations les plus récentes sur les chauve-souris et le syndrome du museau blanc, telles que nouvelles, articles, publications scientifiques, vidéos, et autres ressources.
Le contenu suivant est disponible dans sa langue originale.

1. Publication: Cryptic connections illuminate pathogen transmission within community networks
2. Article: What Secrets Are Hidden Inside The Call Of A Bat?
3. Article: Researchers discover how ‘cryptic’ connections in disease transmission influence epidemics
4. Article: How to Vaccinate a Wild Bat
5. Article: Bats are stars in youth science exhibit
6. Article: Artificial roosts built for ghost bats at risk of homelessness in remote Pilbara mining regions
7. Interview: One woman in charge of biodiversity in province with 71 at-risk species
8. Video: Bats – Unsung Heroes
9. Workshop: Bat Acoustics Course with Cori Lausen

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