A Safety Manual for Harvesters of Fish and Wildlife in Canada’s Arctic

Safety Manual for Harvesters of Fish and WildlifeOver the past several years, the Canadian Cooperative Wildlife Health Centre (CCWHC) has worked with the Government of Nunavut to develop a practical guide to food safety when it comes to diseases found in harvested arctic wildlife. The result is the Safety Manual for Harvesters of Fish and Wildlife in Nunavut. While this Manual was developed specifically for Nunavut, it applies broadly across the Canadian north.

The Manual is non-technical and provides basic information through colour photographs and symbols for easy use. It is organized by species of commonly-harvested fish, birds and mammals. Part One consists of 281 pages of very basic information in this graphical format. Part Two consists of another 167 pages of supplementary information about the various disease conditions covered more briefly in the first part. Both parts are available free of charge as on-line PDF documents, and Part One also is available as a series of slides in Power Point format to facilitate use in educational programs. Although this is copyright material, non-commercial use by individuals or institutions is pre-approved by the CCWHC and need not be requested.

This Manual is available on line from the CCWHC website (http://www.ccwhc.ca/publications_and_newsletters.php) and also from the website of the Government of Nunavut (http://env.gov.nu.ca/node/118) where it is available in sections for ease of access on slow Internet connections.

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