Monthly Archive: December 2015


Day 12: Twelve Drummers Drumming

If you spend much time in forested regions of Canada and parts of the US, you’ve probably heard a curious drumming sound as the winter months draw to a close:   The drumming...


Day 10: Ten Lords a Leaping

The days immediately following birth can vary tremendously among different species. Neonates, or newborns, are born somewhere in the range of completely helpless and requiring complete care, to quite mature and able to care...,_Ontario_02.jpg 0

Raccoon Rabies in Ontario

Rabies virus occurs in a variety of strains, each associated with a preferred mammalian host. Ontario was the site, for many years, of an ongoing epizootic of arctic fox strain rabies virus, which was...


Day 4: Four Calling Birds

Many birds vacate the Canadian Prairies before the frigid winter sets in, but there are many tough little residents and winter visitors that choose to brave the cold. A short walk outside of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan...